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Safe Repair Experts

Nowadays your phone carries a lot of important data. And because of that we make sure every repair we do is 100% safe.

Whether this is a business phone or your personal phone, your data is important. We make sure you leave with the same data you started with.

24 Point Inspection

We give your phone an exhaustive 24 point inspection before it goes back to you. This ensures that when you get your phone back, it will work the same as it came in.

There's no need to wait on a repair longer than it should because of something that didn't get caught before it got back to you.

Over 1500+ Hours Of Successful Phone Repair Experience

Every phone repair is different. And with more experience means we've seen a variety of issues and know how to diagnose a phone without having to open it up a lot of the time.

We'll tell you the truth. Sometimes a repair is not in your best interest. If we think that you'll end up worse off by doing a repair, we won't repair the phone and advise you to get a new phone.

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A Simple Phone Repair Process

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We'll meet at West Valley Plaza for the phone pickup and we'll repair your phone.

We can also meet you at a location near you $29 travel fee (Paid upfront and nonrefundable)

Most iPhones can be done within 40 minutes. Most Galaxys can be done within 1 hour.

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