If you need a place to get your phone screen repaired near you. You've found the right place.

Valley Repair Clinic aims to be the safest place to fix your phone.

We know that your data on your phone is important. Filled with important photos, phone numbers, evidence, your business, and much more. 

We know its valuable to you so we'll treat it as such.

We put every phone through a 24 point inspection to make sure they're in working condition before we give it back to you. Because you shouldn't have to wait more for a repair.

Whether it is Android phone repair or Apple iPhone repair we do both of them. 

While we have good prices, we are not a cheap cell phone repair shop. We do it right.

There are other options for places to fix your phone, but none will be as careful and gentle to fix your phone.

And when it comes to device repairs we do a lot of different ones.

Just a few we offer are cracked phone screen repair, charge port repair, and many more.

Quickly set up an appointment with us today so we can get started. Or contact us first, either one works.