Frequently Asked Questions

Do your repairs have a warranty?

All our repairs come with a 6 month warranty and they cover manufacturers defects of parts. They do not cover any physical damage of the screen. Meaning that if you break the screen after it leaves us, then we cannot warranty that. A warranty is not insurance.

Do you repair ____ phone?

Please go to our phones we repair here.

Even though those are our main phones there are others we can do, but we normally do not keep these in stock and would require us to order the parts. To find out if we can contact us.

Why are repairs so expensive?

Phone repair is expensive as the parts costs. That’s why as a phone becomes older and more and more old parts are being refurbished, then the price of the repair can come down.

Also things like tariffs, trade tensions, and other political actions can affect supply and demand. China supplies most smart phone parts refurbished or original manufacturer included.

Do you buy and sell phones?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not buy or sell phones. Though this may change in the future. Stay tuned for future updates.

Why can’t you just remove the glass?

Removing the glass and repairing a phone are really two separate things. It is possible to change the glass. But it’s also highly likely that you would break the underlying LCD and that’d defeat the purpose of doing just the glass because you’d ghave to replace it anyway.

There are people who specialize in that. And we find its better to leave it to the experts.

Can I supply my own parts?

Sure, for any phone that we can do (contact to see if we can), you can supply your own parts.

The cost of labor varies from $60-$120 depending on the phone and repair. But there will not be a warranty on the repair due to us not knowing the quality of the part.

Can’t I just do it myself?

Sure you can. And I’ve fixed many a phone that people tried to do themselves.

It’s not like it can’t be done. The same could be said for most things including a computer or a car. But we still have specialists for those.

Sometimes its best to let experts handle it. Especially if its a phone worth a decent amount.