Front Camera Repair

Let’s be honest.

Most people buy their phones for their camera quality. iPhones and Samsung being some of the best of the best.

But…. Though not often front and back cameras can and do break down. Also sometime people break it when their phone falls.

Sometimes water damage can destroy a camera. Unfortunately, most of the times with water damage it is sometimes a lost cause. And can often times fail later on.

If you have been having a back camera issue it can usually be diagnosed by us quite easily.

The causes are usually either hardware related or software related. If it’software related there’s usually not anything that we can fix (scream at Apple). But we should be able to tell you which it is at no charge.

A note: the earpiece speaker is attached to the front camera (for iPhones) so both will be replaced at the same time. There is typically no issue with the earpiece speaker as a result of the repair though.

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