September 28

How To Fix My iPhone Screen – Home Repair Tech Answers All


One way to go about it is to do it DIY. It’s definitely doable, but based on the DIY jobs I’ve seen from customers. I cannot recommend it in good faith.

For one the main issues I see are.

  1. Bad methods, and not following directions carefully
  2. Not following best practices to protect the phone
  3. Low quality parts

As a regular person with little knowledge of phone repair. You’re not going to have the knowledge of what to do or not to do when repairing a phone.

Most guides assume a requisite level of knowledge, that is not always there.

And you certainly won’t know nor have access to good price, but also quality parts. There’s a lot of sellers on eBay of phone parts. SOme of them are good, but a lot are garbage.

How to tell the difference? Unfortunately you probably won’t know until you get it and put it on if you’ve never installed a screen before.

Which is why I would recommend, just letting the experts handle it.

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