iPhone XS


About Guaranteed Safe Repair

At Valley Repair Clinic we pride ourselves in doing every repair safely and making sure to preserve your data and pictures. We put every phone through to our 24 point inspection before and after repair to make sure the phone works the same as when we received it.

About Warranty

All our repairs come with a 3 month warranty for the parts and manufacturers defects.

This includes but is not limited to: touchscreen stops working, phone develops lines on screen, phone LCD stops lighting up, keyboard touch mistyping, ghosting.

What the warranty does not cover:

  • Further breaks and/or cracks (if a screen is cracked or broken, we will not warranty it)
  • Water damage
  • Bending

All Other Repairs

The above quoted price is only the price for a front screen replacement. All other repairs including but not limited to charge ports, back glass, ear speaker, microphone, loudspeaker are separate parts and would be a separate charge. Email us to find out specific pricing for non-standard repairs like this.