Screen/LCD Repair

Valley Repair Clinic can handle all of your screen repair needs, from Apple iPhone screen repair to Android screen repair.

As we go about our daily lives, it’s very easy to end up breaking your phone screen. Believe me, I’ve seen it all. Even phones ran over by cars. And usually a phone can be restored from something as bad as that.

Depending on your phone it can range from expensive to pretty cheap for screen repair.

In the Homewood Alabama area, Valley Repair Clinic is one of the few cellular phone repair centers that has screen repair time turnarounds as fast as 20 minutes.

Now if you ever wondered if there was any difference from a cracked phone screen and a totally shattered one. The answer for the repairs is no. For better or for worse.

When repairing your screen, not only will your LCD/OLED be replaced, but your glass as well. And for that reason some repairs can get more pricey than others.

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